1.5" x 1' 347ml Clear Disposable PVC EcoBailers

$3.25 each

$144.00 (48 units)

Clear PVC EcoBailers offer great value and features at a very affordable price. Made of clear virgin PVC with a density of 1.31, clear PVC EcoBailers sink as rapidly as weighted bailers without requiring additional weighting material, and because they are clear, they allow visual inspection of well samples.  For a super fast sink rate you can use our Superweight PVC EcoBailers, or use 7/8" stainless steel nut.  The EcoBailer's bottom spout has been designed to allow a 7/8" nut to be easily screwed onto the bottom spout of the bailer and reused when needed.  No other bailer offers this innovative reusable weight system!

  • Sink rapidly in water without requiring additional weights
  • Clear material allows visual inspection of samples
  • Longer bottom spout helps prevent silt from interfering with check ball
  • More rigid and less likely to bend than competing Polyethylene bailers
  • Only bailer with optional reusable weight system to increase sink rate
  • custom emptying device for regulating discharge flow included with every bailer
  • Require less material to produce resulting in less waste when disposed of
  • Shipped in brown recycled cardboard boxes unlike many competing bailer products.