5" x 10' Absorbent Boom

$75.00 each


ProSorbents™ Oil Only Boom’s solid construction is made with the highest quality components to produce the most effective oil absorbent boom on the market. Pro-Boom does not have voids to compromise performance and you can rely on the steel nickel plated rings, carabineer style steel nickel plated snaps, UV re-sistant polyester netting and high tensile strength rope to help eliminate boom roll.

Pro-Boom is primarily used to absorb / skim oil based spills from all types of terrain and bodies of water. Link together into barri-ers of any length for containment and absorption. Manufactured using an outer net of polyester and an inner sock of spun bond polypropylene.

  • Rope running along length of Boom adds strength for de-ployment and retrieval.
  • Strong, carabineer style, steel nickel plated steel bit snaps and rings allow you to link Booms together for greater length.
  • Oil-Only Polypropylene fill is highly absorbent and selective in absorbing oil-based spills in a variety of environments.
  • Tough outer netting resists snags and debris while remaining pliable
  • Spun bond polypropylene skin is UV resistant.
  • Absorbs and retains oils and oil-based liquids—including lubricants, fuels and cleaning agents.
  • Hugs the ground to contain spills on land; floats on water to contain and soak up spills on water.
  • Can be incinerated.
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