Bios DryCal DC-Lite Dry Cell Calibrator

$15.00 each
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Brand: BiosBios

The Bios DryCal DC-Lite provides the user with accurate volumetric flow readings with the push of a button. No training required.

  • Continuous Auto-Mode: DryCal DC-Lite flow readings can be taken continuously, in the auto mode, providing hands-free operation. This feature enables the user to quickly adjust the flow source to a precise flow rate saving time and money.
  • Immune to Flow Source Pulsation: DryCal DC-Lite needs NO in-line dampers.
  • Flow Cell Volume Certified NIST Traceable: The DryCal DC-Lite flow cell is made of dimensionally stable Borosilicate glass and is manufactured and characterized to ±0.00005 inch tolerance. Each cylinder is re-measured with NIST traceable standards and certifying documentation is provided for each unit.
  • Crystal Timing Mechanism is Tested With NIST Traceable Frequency Counter that is periodically re-certified by a NIST traceable laboratory.
  • DryCal DC-Lite's patented graphite composite piston assembly eliminates the inherent inaccuracies and mess associated with bubble soap.
  • Sealed Lead Acid Battery: Eliminates NiCad battery problems; memory effect and battery burnout from overcharging. Allows AC/DC operation. The DryCal DC-Lite can be used while charging.
  • Alphanumeric Display (LCD) Indicates flow rate, flow average and number of readings included in average (10 readings per averaging sequence)
  • Preserve battery life and ensure deployment resources with Bios DryCal DC-Lite's 5-minute auto shut-off function.
  • Quality assurance self-test allows user to periodically verify proper flow cell integrity.
  • DryCal Has Been Tested By NIST and the Japanese National Laboratory of Metrology and was found to be within ±0.2% of their transfer standards.