QED Complete: Pump, controller, compressor

QED Complete: Pump, controller, compressor
$100.00 each
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Brand: QED Environmental SystemsQED Environmental Systems

The QED Sample Pro Bladder Pump can pump from a depth of 200'. The 1.75" bladder pump is used in 2" wells and the .75" pump will fit in a 1" well. The Sample Pro pump requires the use of the QED Compressor and MP-10 Controller.The pump is easy to disassembled, without any tools, and simple to clean. The Sample Pro disposable bladders snap in and out without any clamps, so they can be discarded after each well is sampled The 1.75" pump uses a 1/4" discharge tubing and a 1/4" compressed gas line. The 3/4" pump using 1/4" OD tubing for the discharge line and 1/8" OD tubing for the compressed air line. The QED compressor supplies the needed compressed air and operates from a DC battery, such as a vehicle battery. The MP-10 Controller is used to regulate the gas pressure going into the bladder pump based on the pumping depth. The controller also controls the purge cycles of the pump.