Heath Detecto Pak IV

$90.00 each
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Brand: Heath ConsultantsHeath Consultants

The Detecto Pak IV is a portable flame ionization unit that detects combustible hydrocarbon gases, such as methane, gasoline vapors, propane, butane, alcohol and many other such gases. Its primary use is for detecting leaking natural gas. The unit uses 40% hydrogen and 60% nitrogen as its fuel source for the tiny flame in the ionization cell. The unit has a hand-held sampling wand with a rubber boot at the end for sampling over the soil surface or around piping structure. The sample is drawn thru the probe and into the ionization cell. The detected hydrocarbon gases are viewed on a real-time analog meter. This unit is not intrinsically safe. 

This instrument can be supplied with up to 12 hours of hydrogen fuel. For long term projects it is advisable that a 40% H2/60% N2 fuel source be located at the work site. AJAX can provide an addition fuel source, but the shipping costs for hazardous gases are expensive.