Olympus Alpha XRF Analyzer

$300.00 each
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Alpha Detectable Elements

With one of our portable XRF analyzers you can quickly and easily test homes, commercial buildings, or other structure suspected to have lead based paint. It is a simple point and shoot piece of testing equipment and takes just minutes to learn to test and export results. If you have any questions please contact us!

The Olympus Innov-X hand-held, portable XRF is the gold standard for nondestructive testing for lead inspection.

Lead Inspection

  • Classify definitive positive/negative results for Pb in seconds
  • Comply with restrictions on lead exposure during building demolition & construction
  • Use in manufacturing, homes or commercial buildings
  • Quantify Pb readings in mg/cm2
  • HUD approved for the analysis of Lead based paint
  • Detects and analyzes Lead content in paint, filters, and dust wipes
  • NIOSH 7702 and OSHA OSA1 compliant for Lead in air filters
  • OSHA OSS1 compliant for Lead in Dust Wipes
  • Detacheable PDA with color touchscreen display
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Datalogging