ION Tiger Select Benzene Monitor

ION Tiger Select Benzene Monitor
$110.00 each
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Brand: Ion ScienceIon Science

The Tiger Select is a P.I.D. adapted for the use of detecting common VOCs and specifically for the detection of benzene gas. It is a hand held unit, identical to the Ion Tiger, but has a 10.6eV lamp that has its energy level reduced to 10.0ev. The 10.0eV lamp reduces some of the common detectable VOCs in a sample, but will allow benzene and a few other VOCs to be detected. When the Tiger Select indicates a reading that exceeds 1 ppm, a tube holder is installed in place of the standard sampling probe and a Drager benzene specific tube is placed in the tube holder. The Select is set for a specific sampling period and any benzene in the sample passes thru the Drager tube and into the ionizing chamber of the Select. The detected benzene level is viewed on the digital meter of the Select.

The Select is calibrated with 5 ppm benzene prior to shipment or delivery. Benzene specific Drager tubes are an additional cost.