ION Tiger

ION Tiger
$70.00 each
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Brand: Ion ScienceIon Science

The Ion Tiger is an upgrade of the PhoCheck P.I.D. The Tiger uses the standard 10.6eV lamp for detecting most of the common VOCs. The user must be aware of the ionization potential (I.P.) of their target gas. The 10.6eV of the lamp will detect VOCs with an I.P. less than 10.6eV.

The Tiger has a much larger LCD screen for viewing your detectable results. A rubber boots surrounds the unit and it has AA replaceable batteries that keeps you operational should your batteries be depleted. The fence electrode is also built into this unit that siphons off the "stray" electrons that can effect your measurements when sampling in wet sample bags or humid conditions. The Tiger has a sampling range of 1 ppm to 10,000 ppm and is calibrated with 100 ppm isobutylene at the time of shipment or delivery. Calibration gas can be provided, if requested.