RAE Systems MiniRAE Lite

$60.00 each
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Brand: RAE SystemsRAE Systems
Tech Notes

The MiniRAE Lite is a basic Photo ionization Detector with a 10.6 eV lamp. It has a detection range of .1 ppm to 5000 ppm and is supplied with alkaline batteries. The batteries are easily replaced with four AA batteries, eliminating down time due to recharging. This small, light-weight unit will detect most volatile organic compounds (VOCs), however, the operator needs to recognize the Ionization Potential(I.P.) of the target gases. The target gases require an I.P. below 10.6eV in order for the unit to successfully detect the gases. The unit has a large LCD readout that displays the real time measurements.

The MiniRAE Lite is calibrated with 100 ppm Isobutylene on the day of shipment or delivery. Calibration gas is available, if requested.