Proactive Mega-Monsoon SS Pump, DTW 180ft

$140.00 each
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Brand: Proactive Environmental ProductsProactive Environmental Products

The Proactive Stainless Steel Mega-Monsoon pump is capable of pumping 180' from the top of the water level to the surface and is suitable for a 2" well. The pump requires a low flow controller that has to be connected to a 12 volt power source such as a vehicle battery. The Controller regulates the discharge flow from  maximum to minimum flow. The pump motor is easily replaceable and one spare motor is provided with each rental unit. Both motors (used and unused) are required to be returned. The pump has 210' of heavy duty electrical wire. The pump is fitted with a 3/8" OD barbed fitting. Discharge tubing (3/8" x 1/2") is available.