Honda EU2000 Portable Generator

$50.00 each
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Non-Shipping Item.  Requires DC inverter for use with downhole pumps 
  • Honda EU2000i has 2000W starting power, stabilizing at 1600W continuous power.
  • Has the powerful Honda GX100, it’s a fuel-efficient air-cooled 4-stroke overhead valve OHC engine.
  • The Eco-Throttle system controls the engine speed based on the required load allowing the engine to run at optimum speed instead of running constantly at full speed, resulting in maximum fuel efficiency as well as reducing the noise level of the generator.
  • Runs 3.4 hours at full load and over 8 hours at quarter load on less than one gallon of a fuel tank. This makes it great for overnight power.
  • Special sound dampening materials also add to make this inverter generator incredibly quiet, making it one of the quietest generators around.
  • 59 decibels at maximum rated load and 53 decibels at quarter load, it’s super quiet, your neighbors will thank you. This makes it ideal for noise enforced campsites, extra power for your recreational vehicle, or any other activity that requires a quiet operation.
  • Weighing less than 46 pounds, it’s incredibly lightweight and portable.
  • In addition to the pure sine wave inverter technology that ensures clean power just like your wall outlets at home. It’s a reliable stable power to operate sensitive electronics such as computers and other sensitive equipment.
  • Protected by Oil Alert which protects the generator by shutting the engine off when the oil level gets too low.
  • Equipped with multiple other features such as automatic voltage regulator and overloaded circuit protected outlets.
  • Has 125V duplex AC outlet and a 12V DC outlet great for charging batteries.
  • It’s also expandable meaning you can double your power by connecting two identical models for up to 4000W of power.
  • USDA-qualified spark arrestor and, EPA, CSA, CARB approved.
  • Moreover, it’s backed by top to bottom 3 full years warranty.