How does shipping work?

There are no rental fees during transit when using our shipping labels. Rental equipment is typically shipped overnight. If you are located in TX, OK, or LA, we can usually get your equipment to you via Fedex Ground in 1 day. If you are outside of this area, we will ship via Fedex Standard Overnight. We work hard to provide cost effective shipping options, and are upfront about these costs when scheduling your rental. We provide return labels for your convenience. Your rental period begins the morning AFTER the equipment is delivered, and the final billing day is the day the equipment is shipped out with our preprinted return label.

Purchased items, such as tubing, supplies, and consumables are typically shipped Fedex Ground unless otherwise requested. 

See the Houston Shipping Map
See the Dallas Shipping Map

Who pays for shipping?

The customer is responsible for shipping costs. Rental rates DO NOT include shipping costs. We have negotiated excellent rates with Fedex, and we pass those discounts along to our customers (usually at least 30% off). Remember: there is no such thing as "free shipping". Any company who offers this is simply hiding the shipping cost within the cost of the item being shipped. We prefer not to hide things.

How soon can you ship?

Provided that we have the requested item in stock, we can typically ship out the same day you order. While we are usually capable of doing this, it is a good idea to schedule your rental as far in advance as possible so that we can reserve your equipment and guarantee availability.

Special Scenarios:

Need something last-minute? Need a break on a large order shipping to a distant location? While we cannot work miracles - we have options. Please bear in mind that ASAP options are rarely cheap, but we are here to help. Call us and let's discuss what we can do for you.

Houston Shipping Map

houston shippingmap
Reflects typical ground shipping estimates.

Dallas Shipping Map

dallas shippingmap
Reflects typical ground shipping estimates.