Topcon Laser Level w/Rod & Tripod

$50.00 each
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This is the perfect general construction laser for any contractor's needs. The RL-H3C features fully automatic sefl-leveling, height of adjustment alert, long 500-foot operating radius, machine control compatible, 15 arc second accuracy, 650nm visible red laser diode beam, and universal receiver clamp. Once you see the RL-H3C for yourself, you'll know right away it's the best value in general construction lasers today. The RL-H3C package includes the RL-H3C laser, four C alkaline batteries, hard shell carrying case, LS-70C sensor and holder, and one 9-volt battery.


  • 1/16" at 100 foot accuracy
  • 1840 foot diameter range
  • 600 RPM operates most machine control receivers
  • Comes calibrated & ready to use
  • Runs 60 hours on 4 C alkaline batteries
  • Low battery indicator
  • Detector averages 3 months on a 9 volt battery

Common uses:

  • Determine grades and elevations
  • Set offset stakes
  • Set concrete forms
  • Level retaining walls
  • Establish proper drainage
  • Setting pitch and contours
  • Irrigation ditches and tiling
  • Setting fence lines and crop rows
  • Leveling patios & grading ball fields
  • Digging basements
  • Pipe laying
  • Setting up and checking pipe lasers
  • Squaring off buildings