LD-12 Professional's Plus Water Leak Detector

$115.00 each
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Equipped with filters to isolate target leak sounds and a panel meter that aids in precision pinpointing, the LD-12 is a must for any professional leak hunter. Engineers have worked hard to create the ideal ground microphone and a low noise amplifier to reproduce the highest quality leak sounds on the market. See for yourself. Call us today for a side by side comparison to determine if it is the best locator for your leak finding needs.


  • Large backlit meter display to allow the user to pinpoint the exact leak location.
  • 10 sound filtering combinations that are easy to use and understand.
  • "Limiter" switch for ear protection from sudden bursts of sound.
  • Highly-sensitive ground microphone combined with a low noise amplifier, offering the best quality sound for leak detection.
  • Three accessories for attachment to the sensor
    1. Ground Plate for pinpointing
    2. Magnet base for surveying at hydrants/valves
    3. Contact Rod for surveying at meters/fittings
  • Standard Items & Accessories

    1. Amplifier with Meter Display and Filter Controls
    2. Ground Microphone and Handswitch
    3. Aviation-Grade Stereo Headphones
    4. Heavy-Duty ABS Plastic Carrying Case
    5. Magnet Base
    6. 3-Section Contact Rod
    7. Nut Driver (to remove base)
    8. Instruction Manual


    • Frequency Range:
      100 Hz to 1200 Hz (13 dB) w/ Filter-Thru OFF
      15 Hz to 30,000 Hz (13 dB) w/ Filter-Thru ON
    • Power (amplifier): 6 AA alkaline batteries
    • Battery Life: Up to 28 hrs. (continuous use)
    • Weight (amplifier): 31 ounces