Hach Colorimeter DR/820

$35.00 each
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Brand: HachHach

The Hach DR/820 Colorimeter, is preprogrammed to test for 20 parameters.

These durable, hand-held, filter photometers are designed specifically for the rigors of on-site testing, with rugged components and waterproof, dustproof, chemical-resistant housings. DR/820 Colorimeters offer simple, push-button program selection and step-by-step prompts that guide users through the testing procedure. These instruments are equally appreciated by experienced analysts who value test efficiency and by operators who require ease of use with accurate results.

The Hach DR/820 requires the use of reagents. We can supply most of the more common reagents used in the environmental market. The instructions for each type of reagent varies and step-by-step instructions will guide the user on how to prepare the reagent, and what setting must be used with the Colorimeter for the particular target chemical being tested.