Myron L Ultrameter 6P

$40.00 each
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Brand: Myron L CompanyMyron L Company

The 6P Ultrameter, packages multiple parameters for water quality into a single all-purpose instrument. The 6P measures conductivity, total dissolved solids (TDS), resistivity, pH, oxidation reduction potential (ORP) and temperature. The testing features of the 6P are appropriate for environmental groundwater testing, as well as for use in boilers and cooling towers, reverse osmosis, plating and parts washing, fountain solutions for printing, irrigation water, hydroponics, process verification, deionization and others. The 6P simplifies and streamlines water quality analysis. Just fill the cell cup, push a parameter key and take the reading. The instrument is fast, accurate and waterproof to three feet. Memory stores and recalls up to 20 readings.

The Myron 6P Ultrameter rents with three pH buffers, conductivity standard, quick reference card, carrying case and operating manual.